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  1. darth invader

    Project Darth Vader

    Top Illuminating: [/img] That project goes to the Cooler Master Case Mod Contest 2007 . photos below: The case cannotbe the most striking, but modder has style Well, even knowing that I am competing with great masters, I am happy to for caning render this homage to this great film. Hugs, Darth
  2. darth invader

    Project Darth Vader

    Repainting the side painel Black Cadillac Grill with filter: More grill with filter: German ribbon couple-side that will be used in the project, fine that durex, however support up to 18kg of pressure: Covering the decoration of the superior cover: Buttons for baybus: Saw-glass 22mm: Done holes: Testing to component: Perfect!!! Now a hole for where will pass baybus spinning: And finally the cover hiding the hole: Now, we will work the face. First acrilico White: Contrast: Paring: Acrilico Crystal, with space for acrilico white: I used double ribbon German side to arrest acrilico pieces, now neither Chuck Norris, manages to separate. And finally a sample of the lateral taking form: Hugs, Darth
  3. darth invader

    Project Darth Vader

    News... Lasergrill especially projected for that project Grills painted of black: Here, finally the products in my home sweet home! For grill star wars came with a filter for fan in black: For grill Lord Vader came with 2 toasts... one filter silver and one red filter: Doing a hole of 80mm: It where fits a hole, two also fit... Do we go life to that gray skeleton? 1st White for Luminous! While I hope in ink dry, we go training for see do not win any little money... 2nd Luminous Red, Siths' Color! Result: pig service: Juju hitting some details in the base of the lateral: Marketing... Surprised for the lateral window... Good, for today it is alone folks, now am going to search a little can spray Black Cadillac... Hugs, Darth
  4. darth invader

    Project Darth Vader

    Cut approved by the quality control team Days later, I won a case for that project Here the child getting home! Thanks Zionix's Galley by the quality and rapidity assistance!!! Calm is not an ALIENWARE!!! But yes VENOM!! One case everything exist with the theme, because it has a visual alienigena! Well, it arrives from crop and go to the work... As can notice the previous window does not serve in this case, and since vicentini did not want to change the eclipse by venom... It does not remain me other left cut out except everything again... Then bora draw vader a little smaller... Initiating the cuts: Taking form: Cut final, still ask dirty and without finishing: Mounting the painel: Rise!!!: With an acrilico oddment only for giving contrast ( will not be used in the project). Hugs, Darth
  5. darth invader

    Project Darth Vader

    Hi friends!!! After some hours of duty... I solved cut more a little, only for relaxing... Finally the window F cut! During week will give finishing in the cuts. Here a photo with the blue illumination (calm that will not be this the final illumination!) My wife (always her) worshiped the result, and to play with me, satirized Michelangelo's History when it concluded for estatua Moisés, it beat with a hammer in the knee (of the statue) and it screamed - "TALKS!!!", Doing the same. And it keep laughing!! I thought... Right, you not "wait to for wait!!" Ready!!! Now I want to see her laugh again!!! Never underestimates the dark side of casemod!!! To who did not understand... The sound comes of to window! First Interactive Window! I had to belong to Brazil! Hugs, Darth
  6. darth invader

    Project Darth Vader

    Hey friends, that project that I am going to present, started for joke, I had a panel side remaining and solved do a cut. Today that project is a homage to the better villain of every time! The side painel: I hardly started the project already arose the first problem: My wife is at home, and it prohibited me of using the glass table to do the cut... Project end! Hugs, Darth ... Calm, calm , you thinks this history would finish this way, it seems that you do not know me... Strolling by the apartment, find Hackell Invader doing its home lesson... That, daughter, studies that it is for you do not have to become a poor Manager of Casemod Site when he grow... Waits!!!! She has a table!!!!!! Nothing how to ask with "little way" for she lend me the table: Note. Forget about Hardware Upgrade... MOD1 Dismount the table: It stayed perfect! It seems that it was made for that, besides having a height good, she has a compartment at the centre to store the dirt and in the side, disks of cut!!! Now the question that all Casemodder is done: [Do b]what Cut???[/b]. As did not have anything to lose, I solved asked to my wife, there you have that she answers me: "Simple, do something that is its face!". Excellent idea!! Ask sheltered and drawn: First cuts: Ask propped on wall to give contrast: It is a dirty service, but someone has to do him: But some cuts and the finishing first phase. Until the moment everything was done using only rectifies her, no rasp was used in the processes: A verse photo to have idea of how she will stay in the black plate: Rest to take an ice cream, but monkeys bite me, What that's it??... O_o And finally a window photo in the darkness illuminated by a cold blue: . Phase 2 of the project: Now I rely on their help, do not know oque to do most in this window, below some suggestions, stay for wish to present new lay-outs: Hugs, Darth
  7. darth invader

    Another mods by Darth Invader

    To do not keep filling the forum with several topics with mine cases, I solved gather in this topic some of my previous jobs, hope that they like and I will have the biggest pleasure in answering any doubt regarding the projects. Chromated Sticker: Link of project (Portuguese) C@lvin: Link of project (Portuguese) Marcelo Santana: Link of project (Portuguese) Mancha Verde Link of project (Portuguese) Brazilian Hugs, Darth
  8. darth invader

    Project W.I.T.C.H

    Hi friends! New pictures of the project, now talking a little about the day that I decided to paint the case. Saturday of rain, my wife was to work, my daughters went to my sister's house, and me shut up inside of the capable without anything to do... but as they say here in Brazil " empty head, the devil's workshop". I look at the clock and they are 09:15 am, I have at least six hours before the my wife returns... and as I´m "Cabra Macho"!!!! And I´m that pay the house, then I will paint it is inside even of house!!!!!!!! The inks: The dirt: The Secret to paint in bad days: The wife's hair dryer (The ministry of the health notices: to use the wife's hair dryer to dry computer pieces, it can be harmful the health. Don't try to do that home, unless you run faster than her) Preview window roof: Psumod: other pictures: The front: flexible keyboard: red mouse: Ps. The wife returned before I could clean the dirt... the way was to pay the Pizza.. there left my rich money Always use protection equipments Hugs, Darth
  9. darth invader

    Project W.I.T.C.H

    Just do it!!!! Hugs, Darth
  10. darth invader

    Project W.I.T.C.H

    Hi friends!!! I would like to share with you one of the two projects that am working now. An is still secret, but soon I am already going posting the first steps. What will post here it is maximum priority, because it is one it case for my witches. The Theme of the case, it will be one of their favorite drawings W.I.T.C.H of the disney - http://www.disney.com/witch/ The victim, one case Aries of Maxxtor, white and pink. Well, I will stop speaking, and to post pictures: side original of the it case (mo%$#@ F%$# the person that invented of doing that hill of holes in the foil) Another pig service is that painting that has in front of it case... First thing to be done, to pull the holes and to do a basic window to leave the mobo the view: And lady Hackell inspecting the works and taking care of the finish Ah, lets me to present some toys... Hundreds of Disks of Cut, Stones of Rough-hewings, Disposable Masks, protection glasses... Again the chosen theme is a character of Disney, then I will have to appeal for those grills, after all Mickey is not had, it is not Disney... (Ps. Hello team of Marketing of Disney, after that I deserve a kit with some Six Day Magic Your Way Base Ticket Cut of the superior cover...in her I cut out the logo of the witch Now the temporary finish with a grating of aluminum Cables of HD, DVD and flopy... Beginning of the psumod.. it changes of the cover for an orange UV, it changes of the black fan, for a red one with led, and it changes of the white molex for red uv PS. For who doesn't know, Darth lives in apartment... and all it case this being done inside of him... do I have Then to wait lady complaint (my wife) to leave or go sleep to begin to work, and to leave everything clean before she returns... does That remind me that music of the time of school.. will we make casemod, while lady complaint doesn't come... this ready one your wolf???
  11. darth invader

    Project Pitbull - Completed

    I bought at a specialized store in loops and handles for closets, here in Brazil Hugs, Darth
  12. darth invader

    .::High Roller::. Mystique Case Mod

    The painting was movies thing!!!! Congratulations Hugs, Darth
  13. darth invader

    ShaoLin Revolution "New Photos and Videos" pag 06

    You won't speak name of the big friend that supplied the cut disks??? But it arrives of bla bla bla, and puts the new pictures of the work soon Hugs, Darth
  14. darth invader

    Bina´s Casemod Completed

    Thank you friends, soon I will post the pictures of the new case: W.I.T.C.H. Hugs, Darth
  15. darth invader

    Show Us Your Cases!

    HI feldm4n! God Job, impressive the engraving in the acrylic. Which the site of the company that accomplishes that work? Thankful Hugs, Darth