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  1. Never mind, I have confirmed that it is overheating. Will pursue RMA.
  2. I am having intermittent shutdowns and I have narrowed it down to a possible overheating situation with the power supply. The model is designed to be fanless until 15% load...but what does this mean? 15% of what? 650W? Currently, I am only using the 3.3v and 5v branch with 120W and am well under hitting the limit there. The fan on the power supply will briefly turn on at startup, and then has not run at all as I have laid the case open and on its side. However, right before the shutdowns, the fan will kick on, or sometimes not. How can I troubleshoot this? Does it have an ambient temp sensor? I have a thermocouple wire thermometer that can measure the surface temp of the power supply. Please assist, thanks.