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  1. Having the exact same problems with my NEW C700P case - need a new I/O panel since mine was defective out of the box and I've had nothing but silence and automatically closed tickets from Support. Three months later I still have a supposed top of the line CM case that doesn't function properly and for which I can't get parts, much less a response.
  2. "At Cooler Master, customer satisfaction is our number one goal." Yeah, right. Like the rest of you, I spent $300+ on a new CM Cosmos case only to have a problem with the front panel header. I've had the same experience the rest of you seem to have had - which is basically silence on Support end. They need to put my money where their mouth is and address Support issues in a timely manner.
  3. How long does it take Cooler Master Tech Support to respond? I submitted something over two weeks ago...and nothing. Is that typical?