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  1. I would like to know if I can get a door and hinge replacement for my case anywhere
  2. Oh and here is how that conversation went: is anyone there What can we help you with Thomas? well i have sent in an rma repaire for the second time 3 weeks ago, when i check the statuse for the last 2 weeks it says action completed and i am very frustrated becuase this method of contact seems to be the only way i can get ahold of somone at coolermaster. Needless to say i am not a satisfied customer any longer What's your ticket number? CUSCA1903004 are you still there (at this point i was waiting for 10 min) Ah, you're in Canada. The Canadian team doesn't have a lot of inventory right now and they are waiting on a shipment of product to arrive. Your RMA request is scheduled for the next round of shipments once inventory has arrived. see this was the issue with the last rma i had done and i waited a month and a half, this is not acceptable at all so is there an ETA for this shipment The Canadian RMAs are handled by a 3rd party company, so I don't have an ETA. Well I guess this makes the decision for me whether or not I go with coolermaster for my build in a few months Sorry you feel that way. Good luck with your future build and have a great day! Chat conversation ended now if this is the customer service that your company ways to provide then i will be very happy to purchess my build parts from another case provider as i was considering purchessing a 25th aniversery cosmos 2 case as i already have one of the originals and really enjoy it (such a shame really)
  3. I sent in my PSU at the begining of the month and have not gotten it back, I contacted them through social medi and they pretty much implyed that it is run by a 3rd party in canada and that they do not keep much stock on hand. This is the second time in 6 months that i had to do this and I am angry/ i also do not have access to the chat portion becasue it does not allow me to select it (always says that it is offline). This is very bad bussiness and i will never be purchessing a single product from them ever.