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  1. Thanks. Do you say to put it in place of the rear fan or the top? Because if it enters the top 120 also enters the 240. What "scares me" is the thickness of almost 6cm (2.7 of the radiator alone). Going to memory between the motherboard and the top are 4cm of free space(I have 2 x 140 NB XK2). You say I'll have to modify the case or change it?
  2. Hello everyone. I am a happy owner of a CM690 first version. Currently I have a good dissipation system provided from 2 fans of 140 on the top, 1 rear 120, 2 front (the original blue led) and another suitable with a 3d model in the 3.5 "bay. I have a Thermalright Macho heatsink , but I would like install liquid AIO system. Can I install 240 or 280 radiator (with fan) without modification? Thanks for all.