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  1. I don't know who you are, where you live, or what you do...but you are a mf'ing rock star! Everything was working fine with AsusAura and my ML240L until I had to disconnect it from the header while I switched video cards. Then I couldn't get the LEDs to come back on. I tried using the supplied RGB controller with Molex power and everything worked. So I thought I had fried the RGB header! I read your post and went back to check. Sure enough, the pins from the RGB header were in between the outer housing of the cable plug and the actual female connectors. You completely saved me from returning a perfectly good motherboard and hours of work. THANK YOU!
  2. Hi. I just installed my new ML240L and I love it. Also, the lights sync very nicely with my Asus motherboard using the Aura RGB header. But I'd like to rotate the tubes at the waterblock. I applied some gentle pressure, but they seem tight. Are they supposed to rotate? Thanks.