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  1. Hi, Solved it ! Screw in 4 threaded brass logic board spacers into the PSU fixing holes (shorten the threaded part otherwise they will hit the PCB by the power switch), then carefully wiggle the PSU in position and run the PCIe power cable the gap that Dell and Coolmaster have contrived to provide when using these spacers, see photos. Then use some "Y" pcie splitters or power distribution PCBs to power all 4 GPUs and the 4 PCIe risers. The PC door panel still works without modification as it mechanism and mount still clears the PSU. Here are some photos to explain:
  2. Hello, I have just installed a V550 in a Dell Optiplex 7010MT Minitower (it was a perfect fit) fitted with a NVIDIA 1050 TI and the power consumption went down from 160w to 140w at the wall socket under the same load (Nicehash). I now want to mount 4 NVIDIA 1060 GPUs on the wall behind the Dell to use with Nicehash. The data cable are "sorted" so I just need a PCIE power extension cable. for the V550. Can anyone tell me the name of the plugs that fit into the V550 for the PCIE power lead ? Can a pre made extension cable be purchased anywhere ? Thanks, Regards, Nick