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    I enjoy woodworking, computer builds/mods, military history, westerns (books and tv/movies), Biblical History along with serving local community.

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  1. Really nice and quiet liquid AIO cooler. I installed it in push/pull config with a MasterFan Pro 120 AB on pull. Worked great...until... After cleaning it, I reinstalled the MasterFan Pro with the selector on P (performance mode) as ambient air is warmer(summer). Turned power on and it ate into the radiator fins and busted a fan blade. Thinking it was an install error (too tight) on my part, I installed a second MasterFan Pro in performance mode, rechecked everything, but same result. Gouged radiator and a 2nd broken fan. Then it clicked, the fan blades on the MasterFan Pro AB, change shape and will protrude further forward than its housing. So don't use the MasterFan Pro in performance mode (P) if it is on the pull side. Otherwise easy install and looks/works great for my rig.