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  1. More Info: Upon further testing I discovered there is something wrong with the cooler's lights and not just the controller. I directly plugged the cooler into the argb header and got just white lights all around. The controller only colors the front half of the cooler, while the rear half just stays white.
  2. I've been struggling with this cooler that I really wanted to enjoy. The first thing that happened was I received a cooler with a burst heat pipe and had to return it, thankfully the second one i received from amazon looked fine. I can't really blame the cooler for that, it could've been damaged in shipping. So after that little mishap I get to install my cooler and everything into my build and turn it on. Everything looks fine except the RGB on the MA410M. There are white leds that are constantly on, and the cooler will not sync to aura even if I click the external addressable button. Furthermore I can't seem to find the coolermaster software that I was told would also be able to control this cooler so I'm stumped. At this point removing the cooler and replacing seems not super worth it to me and I would appreciate some suggestions. Am I using the controller wrong? I've got it hooked up to the Addressable header on the motherboard and whenever I set it to external control, the cooler just stops changing color except for the white LED that never turns off.