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  1. Good day, Last night I was still using my CM Storm Trigger keyboard, but then at morning when I turned on my system unit the keyboard light up, but unfortunately the keyboard doesn't work Note: I tried using the Storm Key+ 1/2/3/4/5 , doesn't work Tried pressing all keys including caps lock, screen lock and numlock doesn't work (the lights on Caps, Num and Screen lock doesn't lights on or lights off when pressed) Tried reattaching the USB Cord, it lights up but still doesn't work Viewed attached devices and my system unit recognizes the keyboard as CM Storm Trigger I have the latest keyboard drivers Also tried resetting my system unit Keyboard was a tournament prize last 2014, I rarely used it because I didn't have a pc before, if i'll add up the total days I used a keyboard it could only be for 2-3 months Keyboard's USB Cable are still in good condition Keyboard's in good condition too never been dropped nor spilled water or any liquid on it Things I'm still looking to do: Download, install and use software from your site ( I actually downloaded this but never actually used it as my keyboard was working perfectly but until now) Message or file a ticket directly to your support Details : System unit was built and just used this June 2018 ( IDK if this matters but I hope it helps ) Proce : Amd Ryzen 5 2400g Mobo : Gigabyte A320-S2H RAM : 8GB OS :WIN10