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  1. So far I have it working with the controller. Now the problem is those 3 lights stay on when the computer is in sleep mode or even shuts off. This is a tricky situation. Thank you for your help, I think I will hit up customer support. At least when they were all connected to the motherboard they shut off when it was bed time lol
  2. It appears when the 2 fans and pump RGB's are all plugged directly into the motherboard's 3 pin ARGB header the computer crashes/shuts off after a few hours... The Asus Rog Strix x470-F says it can handle 5 volts 3 amps up to 60 LED lights. I counted far less than 60 RGB lights so how many volts/amps does it have? It took weeks to figure out what was making the computer crash, but with all my pretty lights unplugged the computer stopped crashing. I'm curious if this is a motherboard issue or I just overpowered the poor little header. Side question, if I plug all the lights into the controller first can I plug that into the motherboard and the lights draw their power directly from the controller? With that, I should be able to use ASUS AURA so all the lights on the computer sync up, correct?