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  1. Hi . I have a CoolerMaster Storm Mech keyboard four years ago and from two weeks to here, it is causing the frequent restart of windows 7 64 bit and when windows reboot the keyboard does not light leds and it shows "unrecognized device" message and then saying that windows installed the device driver. I already connected the keyboard to all usb 2.0 3 e3.0 ports of the PC and nothing of the problem disappears. It works for about 15 minutes and then reboots again ... I put another keyboard on the PC and now everything is ok. So I concluded that the problem is with the Mech ... Two days ago the blue screen and rebooted. When giving BSOD, BlueScreenView program, it showed the errors in ntoskrnl.exe and PSHED.DLL. Now it only reboots, aparace mensdagem of "unrecognized device", installs the drivers, but the problem continues. Sometimes it crashes the PC or reboots, the keyboard turns on and suddenly erases ... Keyboard is no longer under warranty and searching on Google, the problem seems to be on the keyboard's 3.0 usb or solder connector on the internal keyboard circuit. Now I'm sad for my CM Storm Mech works well .I contacted RMA in Brazil and they advised me to look for a reliable technician to check the internal welds, since the RMA no longer had the internal circuit diagrams of the keyboard to verify the parameters, since it is a discontinued productThanks for the attention and patience.P.S : sorry about my english