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  1. Thanks Mohd Noh- are you with Cooler Master? I’ve contacted Cooler Master USA multiple times.The reps I have spoken with there have never offered me a ticket number and have not been able to give me a date as to when this part will be available. They direct me to Newegg and Newegg’s customer service can’t give me a date when the product will be in stock again either.
  2. Dear Cooler Master: Will you ever release part# MCA- H5P0C-MMFP00 in a quantity that can be purchased in the United States again?! This part has been out of stock since it was released around March 2018 on Newegg (the only place you can buy it in the US). I’ve spoken with your customer service multiple times and I’ve spoken with Newegg.com’s customer service several times and the answer has been that it will be in stock soon, but after over 4 months there has been nothing. Please re-supply your US stock. Please sell it on more than one site besides Newegg.com. I know I am not the only one that wants this part because there are multiple posts on Reddit, Twitter, and even Newegg reviews for people searching for this part. On behalf of your other H500P owners- I’m begging you to restock part# MCA- H5P0C-MMFP00. I have my Newegg auto notify on with my fingers crossed. Thanks.