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  1. 2200 RPM is the stated speed by Cooler Master + 10 %
  2. Since May, I am having a MasterLiquid ML240L RGB AiO. Although it works well, I have one serious issue. The fans on the rad are making a grinding, vibrating noise which on its turn is transfered to the case (NZXT H500). Tried everything from adding foam between rad and the case to adding wassers between the fans and the rad, but the problem remains. Any other solutions in mind, beside replacing the fans from another brand ?
  3. The max speed should be 2200 RPM. It's listed on their website.
  4. Is that "faulty" fan connected correctly aka arrows matching at the connections. Wrongly connecting might not only damage the leds, but it might work but with the colors in reversed order (BGR instead of RGB).
  5. 1. The intensity of your fans isn't controled by the PWM header, but with the 4-pin RGB header. 2. Both 4-pin RGB headers need to be connected to the motherboard (if this has a 4-pin RGB header) or to the Coolermaster controller. In you have the controller, you can both connect them to it as it has 4 connection/channels. In case of a motherboard with only 1 4-pin RGB header, you'll need an RGB-Splitter cable. 3. Also check in the switch on the back of the fan is set to RGB.
  6. Aura, like RGB-Fusion & MSI Mystic light, is a software that can combine addressable and non addressable leds. But for connecting addressable leds to the motherboard you need the 3-pin connectors on your motherboard as shown with 5V. The standard 5050 Leds are working with 4 pins and need 12V (the connector you show in your OP)
  7. Can you guys not simply post what is being covered in such case and what procedure people should follow on your website under section WARRANTY, where it belongs after all.