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  1. Update: I figured out the problem. Apparently the cables had to be connected a certain way(I.E. +/+, -/-) and I had some of them backwards.
  2. Not sure if this is in the appropriate place, but this is my first post. I purchased an H500P case, and 3 Coolermaster 120 fans for the top; I also purchased the RGB connector because my motherboard(B350 Tomahawk) only has one LED port on it. I connected the RGB Connector to the USB port on the motherboard, connected it to the SATA, connected the top 3 fans(120's) the one of the 3 way splitter cables, and connected it to port 1 on the RGB Connector. The two 200mm front fans are connected to a splitter, which is connected to port 2. The fans all light up, but when using the CoolerMaster RGB controller software to control the fan lights, the colors don't match up. The front top 200mm fan changes colors accordingly, but the bottom doesn't match, and really only lights up green-yellow-orange-red, it wont show any blue color. Two of the top fans match each other, but the third doesn't the same as the front bottom fan; only displaying green/yellow/orange/red. Is there something I did incorrectly with connecting the ports? I feel like that cant be the issue seeing as how I made sure to match them all up with the appropriate spot. Has anyone else had this issue? I tried calling support but was placed on hold for 20 mins only to receive a "Sorry, we're unavailable" recording, and the live chat feature on the page said "Please wait" for over 20 mins as well so I figured I would come here. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it :)