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  1. I am not a gamer. But I would like more space on my desk. I do wish some manufacturer would make a keyboard without the numeric keypad, but with the traditional 6 Home/End keys and the 4 arrow keys.
  2. Hello Thsi case has just been released and I was lucky enough t be able to buy one here in NZ. Its a great case for me a Mid Tower, with Two Handles, two DVD player slots, and plenty of slots for Hard Drives There really needs to be a thread for this case. And Coolermaster should publisice the fact that this case has the two handles, which makes it easy to carry for maintenance and travel etc. Very few cases have handles. Cooler master also need to make their case names and model numbers more rational and logical.
  3. To me they look to be different size and layouts The whole Coolermaster range is very confusing. Their naming system has no logic. I just bought a Mastercase MC500P Its great and it has two handles at the top