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  1. The controller is also a hub, if all connected properly you can add an additional 3 aRGB fans.
  2. You can try just plugging in one of the fans into the aRGB 3pin directly on the motherboard and see if that lights up on its own. Switch between the 2 fans and the cooler. If that works, and i'm assuming you used the 3-in-1 splitter to get them all going at once, it could be a bad cable. I would then hit up CM support / ticket as it seems they're not very active in these forums. As for the controller, yes it is getting power of that as the controller itself needs power via SATA. It's a little tricky to get Aura synced but it does work - refer to my previous post where someone asked how i managed it.
  3. Sure. First thing is to download everything from the product page --> downloads. The manuals there is worlds ahead of the instructions provided in the box that seems like was created by aliens in their native language. Install the CM RGB software. Secondly the aRGB controller, i'm not sure if its necessary but i've plugged both the USB and SATA power in , although I'm assuming just plugging in the SATA is enough for power as the USB is for manual control. Make sure the 3pin aRGB cable next to the USB port on the controller is the one going to the aRGB port on the motherboard. Lastly and most important, know the CM RGB software is extremely buggy. In my PC the ARGB would sync with Aura ONLY when the CM software was open and 'motherboard' was selected. As soon as the CM software was closed, it would ignore the motherboard Aura setting and revert back to the last CM profile. So i thought to open up the CM software again, let it re-sync with Aura, then once synced FORCE-QUIT THE CM SOFTWARE VIA TASK MANAGER. That did the trick for me. Rebooted & also shut down to confirm it is indeed synced with Aura. Good luck!
  4. Unfortunately that's not true mate. I've got my ML240R working with Aura, as some other users do as well i've read on Amazon. Software is buggy as but i've managed to get it synced with my Z370-F / Asus Aura board: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Y5V57RbERSp1rVGF9 - video shows me switching from rainbow to starry night via Aura. Also managed to get the hub working with Aura, which i've got plugged in and is what's controlling the aRGB on the video.
  5. I purchased this today as it's listed on Asus own website that its Aura sync compatible. After slogging through the TERRIBLE manual (come on Coolermaster!), i found hours later despite numerous tries that no, it is not compatible with Aura. The Aura plugin is visible when you download the software from CM, but it's greyed out for me. EDIT: Figured it out and got it to sync with Asus Aura - the ML240 needs to have the CM software installed to enable Asus Aura (although the AURA & AURORA plugins are still unaccessible from the software.) I detached the controller and just used the 3in1 aRGB cable, plugged that into the aRGB of the Z370-F, opened both CM & Aura apps, and it synced.