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  1. any reason the SF360R ARGB lights wont work with the big ARGB controller from the ML240R ARGB?
  2. so i purchased both of these for my new case. teh ml240r came with a control box for software and the sf360r came with a little stand alone box. when i had the regular rgb control box i could set up as many fans as i wanted and it worked. but with the ml240r and sf360r if i plug the sf360r in the control box for software, only one fan lights up. but if i plug up the sf360r to the stand alone box it came with, all the lights work. now you are supposed to assign what fans and pumps go were on the control box thru the software and the sf360r is not listed nor does anything else work in its place.
  3. Next question. I bought ml240r bc the RS was not available on Amazon. But I also bought the same fans. Can I use my old rgb controller that I got for ml240 lite rgb and case fans or does ARGB use a different controller. I didn’t see one anywhere on the website for a specific controller
  4. Wtf is the difference? And can it really do those multiple colors at once? I have the ML240L RGB but the ones in the subject look so nice!