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  1. Looks like its coming as Cooler Master tweeted it out this afternoon
  2. Does anyone know when the 200mm ARGB fans that are found in the H500M will be available for sale? I just purchased the H500M (on back order) and want to get a second set to put up top. I believe I read somewhere that it was going to be August - possibly September but I cannot find where I saw that. Thanks.
  3. I'm right with you on this question - looking at getting the H500M and would like to buy the 200MM versions to go in the top of the case. I think I've read somewhere that these fans will not be available to August / maybe September. Hope thats not the case as I would like to have them on hand when building my case next month. If someone has insight to this let us know.
  4. Looking at Newegg I came across this? Does anyone know anything about it? Looking at possibly getting the H500M in the next few weeks and would love to throw this in if its going to be available. Strange that I do not remember seeing it mentioned at any of the past Computex type shows and its not on the Cooler Master website.