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  1. but man , i hope the CM would answer my question to verify if it is legit on that chinese website , really wanted to get those fans , i already know how to control everything with MSI + coolermaster ARGB , its like having steroid with drugs, pleasing to see and pretty much sexy as F**** , makes me turn on will share link of my sample cooling sync PS: radiator fans along with the fans in the front are RGB , the 2 top fans are ARGB , i dont want to stick them in radiator fans !! THESE BEAUTY MUST BE DISPLAYED AND NOT BE COVERED IN RADIATOR
  2. you dont necessarily connect all of those if your only trying to attain the ARGB of the fan .. I only used the addressable ARGB plugs just to control everything to my motherboard , one thing .. at first i was so confused , but technically .. through my research and trying to test everything .. i only need to insert the SATA cable for powering up the controller then , i just connected the ARGB pin to mobo , and connect the USB to USB header in the mobo .. will explain it further , maybe i could lead some confusion .. Notice the pins underneath the controller with the USB , 4pin(RGB) and 3pin(ARGB). Connect all of those to motherboard , you should control it either software of your mobo or the CM software itself
  3. Hi guys! I would like to ask where i could buy MASTERFAN MF120R ARGB? I bought myself a MASTERLIQUID ML120R RGB that is addressable RGB lights on it, i also bought a case which has no addressable RGB on it, instead it only has RGB (MB500) can somebodiiiiiii(somebody) tell me where to buy those? i have search for a store BUT, man me no understand chinese stuffs here's the link: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?spm=a220m.1000858.1000725.2.13735756xk13nC&id=570032092458&skuId=3671850597000&standard=1&user_id=729081864&cat_id=2&is_b=1&rn=20b24ff3711618747bdd100ef2f7d9d5
  4. I bought 2 CM products which are MasterBox 500 (CM MB500)(with 3 rgb fans) see product description and a MasterLiquid 120r/ML120R , i also bought from newegg a MSI h370 gaming pro carbon that is currently being shipped. Before i would assemble all my parts here is the specifications that i had for my rig, all are still in the box but i really need to educate myself thats why im here. CPU: I5-8600K MOBO: MSI h370 gaming pro carbon COOLING: CM ML120R RAM: Kingston HyperX 2400mhz (2x8gb) GPU: MSI 1060 X 6G PSU: Seasonic 620w 80+ gold (will choose CM psu apparently not available in our country, and may have but way tooo expensive anyways the MOBO has 1 x cpu header, 1 x pump, 5 x sys fan, 1x 5050 RGB LED strip 12V connector (JRGB1), 1x WS2812B Individually Addressable RGB LED strip 5V connector (JRAINBOW1) and 1x CORSAIR connector (JCORSAIR1) my question is how to connect the rgb? does the case can sync in any way or another with my liquid cooling? which header should i insert the controller? can i just sync the controller into the mobo rgb header im confused atm HELP i havnt watched any reviews regarding argb and rgb, it may have some compatibility issue? or not? huhu .. does it sync? and could control everything in the mobo instead? lastly , i will add the universal RGB strips for CM also but it may get me rougher to connect this rgb's thank you so much and thank you for your time on reading my topic , i just hope somebody could address atleast bring more awareness to people who will build system with your brand PS: The best custom modifications that a PC would have is CM more power to all CM products lover #coolermaster #ineedhelp