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  1. cooler master needs to rewrite their software.... not enough options and NO Instructions.... The RGB software for the pro series RGB fans is too vague and poorly designed.... once the "Apply" button is clicked, you go to close the app and it asks you if you want to save your work before closing but doesn't work.... if you answer YES, it takes you back to the program, if NO then it closes the program..... yet there is NO "save" or "Save as" command available.... poorly written and needs improvement!
  2. always make sure you download the RIGHT software. there are 2 different controllers out there and 2 different sets of software. I've down loaded both and because there are NO INSTRUCTIONS with the software, just pictures.... it makes it hard to program.... also, make sure you have the USB header installed... the computer won't see the controller and thus you can't control it.
  3. Check your connections. sounds like something is shorting out.