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  1. No you are not. I have the same issue and now no LED's work. Not even the pump LED's work with or without the USB cable.
  2. Bart

    ML240r ARGB

    I was sent the ML240r cooler from New Egg for review. I had issues from the start. The pump and fans work great but the RGB's have problems. At 1st they worked fine with the controller but when I plugged in the USB cable they stay on all of the time and even the power supply fan spins up with the PC off. As soon as I unplug the USB cable it is fine. It's was tough to actually review this unit without trying to find software and controlling the LED's from there. So I finally found some software that I think is correct but I will never know because now, even with the USB cable not plugged in I have no lights at all. Not even the pump lights up. I double checked and reconnected everything and tried different ports to no avail. Now I have a cooler with no LED fans or pump. I actually bought a 3 led fan kit from Amazon so I could have LED fans. I think the control module got fried by the bad USB cable but I don't know for sure. ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEA'S?