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  1. good luck been waiting for even a reply since last friday i suggest you call them dude as or dm them on twitter?
  2. reinstalled reseated and still no difference 30-35 ilde and the minute i enter any game its at 65-75c at stock 3.9 will be returning and going another route... stock intel cooler did a better job
  3. hey man thanks for the reply have used this already every setting gives same results idle at 25c ingame 75c just ran prime95 for 1minute reached 100c something is messed up if its giving an extra 50c on load my mate has the same on a 4.8gh fx amd and gets less than 55c on prime
  4. hello first time posting here and using a coolermaster product so here goes i have a seidon 240v on a z97 d3h motherboard using an i5 4690k. 2 radiotor fans connected to sytm fan 1 and system fan2 and the pump connected to cpu opt cpu opt pump is running at 2116 rpm and both radiator fans at 2165rpm set myself i also have 2 intake 180mm fans at the front of an areocool 500 case the radiator is installed at the top of the case at first with the fans underneath the chassis but on top of the radiator pulling air in. at an overclock of 4.2ghz at 1.008v im seeing idle temps that aida64 and hwinfo state is 23c and core package of 32c seems reasonable but im worrying about the loads .. when i enter say battlefield 1 or battlefield 4 64p online im seeing 65c on cpu and 75c on core package this seems incredibly high as the i5 4690k has a 72.72c max operating temp nothing changed when i then change the fans to inside the case underneath the radiator pulling air out the case.. same applied when i revert to stock clocks of 3.9 ghz when gaming i touched the rad and its not warm or hot i dont bluescren or crash etc system is rock solid but im a bit worried regarding those temps most others are reporting under 55c ingame etc any help would be truely appreciated also the pump is functioning as i feel the fluid and the light is on etc also if i run aida64 cpu test stability im seeing 65c cpu but cpu core package around 10c higher again people with my rig are reporting 50-55c