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  1. Kurt Hilgartner

    RMA CUSUS1805084

    Ive tried for the past 7 days to get someone from their RMA extension USA support phone number. It just keeps going to VM and after leaving 2 messages, noone has replied. I mean if youre not going to honor your warranties, dont post an RMA request status that you did honor it and shipped.
  2. Kurt Hilgartner

    RMA CUSUS1805084

    Were you able to find out anything about my RMA shipping? I tried calling the USA Contact number, all week, but, all I ever get is voicemail leave a message, which doesnt get returned...
  3. Kurt Hilgartner

    RMA CUSUS1805084

    Thank you
  4. Kurt Hilgartner

    RMA CUSUS1805084

    My case was closed/approved 5/22/18. The RMA part was on back order but is now showing Shipped status. However I never received tracking number, per the email. I believe its been about 10 days since shipped. How can I obtain a tracking number?