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  1. Yes the support for their products is horrible, I ended up buying their standalone controller to get the RGB in all my cooler master fans working  but have since lost the RGB in the ml240r I think its the controller for it, but it doesn't work on their standalone controller as it is all 4 pin or an RGB mobo connection. 

    Very disappointed..

  2. Also very frustrated with these issues, 

    I bought the ML240R and thought beauty comes with an RGB controller so I bought all cooler master RGB fans. 

    Only to find out their other fans are all 4 pins and all the RGB controller with the ml240r and fans are all 3 pin so they did not work.  
    I then Brought their standalone controller for the fans meaning I needed 2 controllers and cables in my case to run RGB systems on all the same branded equipment. 

    a couple weeks into the system being built the lights on the two radiator fans and the CPU cooler all went out, I believe it is the controller as both the CPU cooler and the fans went out at the same time.  I have tried testing different things with my other controller and the RGB port on my Mobo but cannot get the lights working. 
    The connections on the ml240r controller and fans are horrible and flimsy.  

    I am in a difficult situation as the cooler is working as it should as a cooler, and as I have no spare coolers to use I'm finding it hard to make the computer useable while I send it back for the RGB issues. 

    I am tempted to go buy another branded cooler and ditch all my cooler master gear into a bin and set it on fire which is a shame since i brought 6-7 of their fans and the extra rgb controller  I expected much more than this from a company like cooler master. 

    Their "live support" is never online and take forever to answer tickets. 





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  3. Hey 

    I have just built a new pc using the Ml240r rgb, 2 x 140 air pressure rgb fans and 1 x 120 air Flow rgb fan. 

    The rgb on the 2 x fans and the cooler that came on in the Ml240r kit are all working perfectly, I can control and change colour from the remote 

    but no matter how I hook the other 3 rgb fans to the controller they stay blue and I cannot change them, all the switches are set to rgb, all hooked up the same way to the same controller that is controlling the working rgb fan and cooler.

    I tried downloading the software for the standalone rgb controller but it doesn't find my controller, ive had it hooked up through usb, to my rgb port on my mobo, it has a psu sata connection

    Is there way to get these fans working with this controller or do I need the standalone for those fans. 

    Thank you