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    When I'm building I usually take a brass or uncoated motherboard standoff and thread it in to one of the threaded holes on the back of the case (they are usually the same thread as thumb screws check before doing this) then Ill clamp my ground onto that and that will generally give you a good ground as painted or coated surfaces wont let the clamp make proper contact. You can also use a thumb screw or any screw that will properly fit the threads.
  2. Hey Cooler Master, you need far better quality control on your fans, thanks to the 200mm fans that come with the H500P mesh case they just about destroyed everything. I mounted them in the top of the case as intake fans and the next morning found the stickers from the fans were on the bottom of the case as well as one of the plugs behind one of the stickers, subsequently oil dripped down from the fans and thankfully just narrowly missing some of my hardware. I'm seriously not impressed! I've been building computers for 20+ years and never seen this before, odds of me buying from cooler master again are pretty slim... I'm attaching a photo of the stickers, one is saturated in oil and the other is about 60% coated.