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  1. Pretty sure Aura is 4 pins and 12v, isn't it?
  2. Software to allow Aura control on the ML240R is apparently in Beta still.
  3. "So coolermaster has yet to make the software update available for the new ML240R, so that might be the issue.... but idk " You hit the nail on the head. The video of the Beta software below shows a "pass through" motherboard option. Not sure if this pass through feature is available from the hardware controller.
  4. I think the software for the ML240R is still in beta from the looks of it - It would be nice if there was some official word on this though as communication from CM seems limited at best and disturbingly inadequate at worst.
  5. I got no lights at all with both of the MA610Ps. I've returned the second cooler and ended up purchasing the ML240R. This is also supposed to be compatible with AURA. Except they haven't released the software to enable the AURA pass through (it's in beta still - It would be nice if they could release the Beta to us enthusiasts for the time being because I'm pretty over CM at this point and a gesture like that would go toward nullifying how I currently feel toward the company.
  6. Have already done that. I've returned the cooler and have picked up the replacement. It has the exact same issue. Aura does not seem to work with this cooler.
  7. I needed to replace my old V8 GTS cooler because the fans on it started to get a bit grindy and I also wanted full RGB with Aura support. I ended up settling on the MA610P. I installed it last night, but for the life of me I cannot get it to light up with Aura. I'm using the RGB header from the back of my ASUS Strix Vega 64 with two trident (3 way) RGB splitter cables. - first Trident cable is connected to the header. - one connector is connected to the RGB cable from the MA610P which doesn't light up. - other connector is connected to the other Trident cable which is connected to 3 CM Pro Case Fans which all light up as expected. I've tested all of the cable connectors with the CM Pro Case fans and they all work as expected, so nothing is wrong with the cables. I've tested the controller that came with the MA610P and it lights up the cooler as expected. This tells me that functionally, all connectors seem to be working as expected, the fan lights are all working, but it's just not talking to Aura even though there is a Aura icon on the packaging. Does anyone have any ideas? Did I miss something?