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  1. The fan units themselves can be faulty, or maybe something went wrong in the manufacturing process and not enough lubricant was added in order to keep the spindle holding the fan propeller onto the fan motor itself well lubricated after extensive use. it sure does suck id contact Coolermaster and get replacements. as for the LEDs not working on the second one, I wouldn't have a clue. Charlie : D
  2. in my rig I keep the air pressure equal so it's not positive or negative, I find that works the best for me in my opinion, but yeah you either want equal air pressure or a little bit positive or negative you don't want heaps of positive air pressure or heaps of negative air pressure : D, Peace
  3. Hey people hope your having a good day, I’ve been looking for these adjustable fan mount brackets for ages. If any of you guys have an idea on where I can find them or buy them let me know. Ive attached some images of them so you can take a look, I need to buy new ones because my ones have become brittle and they are falling apart causing my cpu fan to fall off the cooler! Peace