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    ML120R RGB not working

  2. Naio Ino

    ML120R RGB not working

    I opened a support ticket a week ago. No answer so far. Seems like that the channel is not working and/or support doesn´t exist.
  3. Naio Ino

    ML120R RGB not working

    Hello, I have an ASUS Z270-A Prime running Windows 10 64 bits. Just installed the new ML120R and the leds from the fans are not working. Both fans and the pump are connected to the RGB Controller. The leds in the pump are working fine, and the fans are spinning, but the leds in the fan are not working at all. Also, downloaded the Lighting Control software. Got an error message: "Warning - Open USB Port Faild". After that, a window titled "Firmware Update" opens, and the progress bar doesn´t move. There is also a message saying "Open USB port faild" again. After 10 min, I click Close, and the Cooler Master Lighting Control opens with a black screen only. The controller is powered and connected to my USB port. Tried different combinations of ARGB ports and USB ports. Anyone else with the same problem?