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  1. Mick Broomhall

    Fan weird noise and vibration

    Filip, really happy you got your fans sorted and replaced, its now Jan 5th 2019, still have no replacement fans and had no support.
  2. Mick Broomhall

    ML240R LED controller is junk!

    Now Jan 5th 2019. No fans, no support! Guess Gold333 is correct, should buy from a respectable company.
  3. Mick Broomhall

    Where is Cooler Master Support?

    Now Jan 5th 2019, still no fans and no support.
  4. 3 months with broken fans, approved a month ago, still dont have the replacements!

    This is the worst customer service I have ever recieved.

  5. Mick Broomhall

    Fan weird noise and vibration

    Well it's now over 3 months and I still do not have replacement fans even though they were approved over a month ago. Shoddy, horrible customer service.
  6. Mick Broomhall

    ML240R LED controller is junk!

    Well your doing better than I have, my parts have been on order for over 2 months, this is the worst support site I have ever been on for replies and CoolerMaster support RMA is the worst I have ever dealt with. Good luck getting your issue figured out.
  7. Mick Broomhall

    MasterLiquid ML240R Fan noise

    Just buy new fans, you probably won't get much support from this site.
  8. Mick Broomhall

    RGB fan missmatching color

    Not sure if your system is the same as mine, but I had this problem too, I found that one of the 4 pin cables with the little triangle symbol was connected the wrong way, reconnected the right way, lights synced up perfectly.
  9. Mick Broomhall

    240 fan bearing noise

    Did you ever get the fan issue resolved from CM support?
  10. Mick Broomhall

    Cooler Master's leak warranty

    Dude, I have the same cooler, the cooler is great, but the fans are really bad, plan on replacing those, as far as the warranty, from my experience with CM support I would not count on any help through the support site or warranty, you only have to look through this site to see how many unanswered posts there are, Google CM support / warranty and see how many hits you get.
  11. Mick Broomhall

    Where is Cooler Master Support?

    I purchased a CoolerMaster 240 AIO on 4-24-18 and immediately had issues with the fans, the support ticket has been for the fans has on back order for over a month. WTF? You cannot tell me that Cooler Master does not have a pair of god dam fans that they can replace the broken ones with, FFS where is the Customer support, to say I'm pissed off is a god dam understatement, useless god dam Cooler Master Support WTF. YEAH, IM PISSED!
  12. Mick Broomhall

    Fan weird noise and vibration

    Yeah, I did, parts on back order, really, CoolerMaster, a global company doesn't have a pair of fans, bull*^/* it's a stall tactic hoping I'll eventually forget. Almost 2 weeks and no update, last f^*#*#g dime cooler master is getting out of me, plenty of other manufacturers making and selling products with superior customer support. This is an example of what CS should look like, I purchased an NZXT case, the from of the case had a scratch, contacted NZXT CS, following day updated email, 2 days later recieve tracking number of replacement part, 3 days later part arrives, just under a week.
  13. Mick Broomhall

    Fan weird noise and vibration

    I have the same issue, i have only had the install for about a week, one of my fans sounds like it's grinding, the other one sounds pretty loud (louder than it should) and led for the 1st one is not working, I have been a Coolermaster buyer for many years but feel like the quality recently is not what it used to be, this is not what I expected from a Coolermaster