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    Focus on existing product availability.

  2. Mick Broomhall

    Fan weird noise and vibration

    Yeah, I did, parts on back order, really, CoolerMaster, a global company doesn't have a pair of fans, bull*^/* it's a stall tactic hoping I'll eventually forget. Almost 2 weeks and no update, last f^*#*#g dime cooler master is getting out of me, plenty of other manufacturers making and selling products with superior customer support. This is an example of what CS should look like, I purchased an NZXT case, the from of the case had a scratch, contacted NZXT CS, following day updated email, 2 days later recieve tracking number of replacement part, 3 days later part arrives, just under a week.
  3. Mick Broomhall

    Fan weird noise and vibration

    I have the same issue, i have only had the install for about a week, one of my fans sounds like it's grinding, the other one sounds pretty loud (louder than it should) and led for the 1st one is not working, I have been a Coolermaster buyer for many years but feel like the quality recently is not what it used to be, this is not what I expected from a Coolermaster