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  1. Mahkno

    HDD Cages

    Ordered and received 5 HDD trays from Coolermaster EU. Thumbs up for prompt service from the EU team. But... one of the five had no rubber vibration grommets or screws. Apparently you cannot register the product in product registration either. More delays....
  2. Mahkno

    HDD Cages

    Clearly the U.S. market is not a priority.
  3. Yeah you are looking for 'new' ideas. But what good are those if you cannot support them once available? The C700P case is beautiful but you cannot get the accessories for it. Looking over some of the other cases, there are similar stories. The lack of support is troubling. So new idea? Stand by what you are selling now. Make sure parts and accessories are available.
  4. Wish I saw these posts before I ordered one. It's April 2018, no trays available anywhere.
  5. Mahkno

    HDD Cages

    April 2018, still cannot find HDD trays ( MCA-C700R-KOCC00 ) anywhere from the USA. Strongly considering returning the C700P case. It's a nice solid case but without the support of these accessories, it just is not going to work for me. Two trays is not enough. Yeah I should have checked on the HDD tray situation before I ordered it. That's not really a solid excuse for the lack of product tho.