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  1. I'm wondering about the internal device bays for the Stryker SE. When I compare pictures of the Stryker and the Stryker SE, they look like they have the same amount of space for internal drive bays. However, the Stryker SE's specs list a smaller number of available internal device bays. If I need room for one 5.25" drive, one 2.5" SSD drive, and three 3.5" drives, will I have enough room in the Stryker SE? The specs for the Stryker make it clear that I would, but since the Stryker SE specs list one 5.25" bay, two 2.5"/3.5" bays, and 4 + 1 (X-Dock) 2.5" SSD bays, I'm a little confused. Also, does anyone know if the Stryker is no longer being made, or if it has been replaced entirely by the Stryker SE? Thank you!