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  1. Am3 backplate shorting out with ml240

    Isnt the 240 suppose to work with the stock backplate? Prior to this cooler i was using the 212 evo which required its own back plate i have literally never powered this board with the stock one.
  2. Am3 backplate shorting out with ml240

    I dont have any pics but through my testing with 2 am3+ boards and 3 different cpus memory and 2 power supplys then i take the back plate off the board and just set my old cooler on it no short and its powers up fine. What im wondering is of im suppose to use a plastic back plate or the metal one my motherboard came with?
  3. I installed the ml240 in my system went from the evo 212 and my stock back plate is causing my system to short out. My mobo came with the metal back plate not plastic.