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  1. also im not sure if i said, my MB doesn't support rgb synch or anything
  2. thanks ill try that. i also subbmited a ticket and they said its maybe just plugging issues, if not it might actually be fan issues
  3. Hello dear CM forums, this is my first time posting on the forums and interatcing with it, sadly this first interaction comes with a sad part, one of the fans of the kit that i bought to my new pc, is missmatching/not synched with the rest of the kit (water block and second fan). i followed the guide perfectly, and even tried to install it a second time, sadly with no results, one of the fans are still with the problems of missmatching colors! the weird thing about this? that it does synch with 3 colors only, which are: Yellow, Blue, and White. the other configs (red, light blue, purple and green, are all messed up (pics included). i have really only two options, its either i try and wait for a reply and luckly it will be solved, or that if its not gonna be solved, ill sadly need to get used to i, which i dont want to happen really... with all reguards, i look forward to be part of the forums and enjoy being part of it. have a nice day and thanks for reading!