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  1. As you can see the backplate that comes with the 240 doesnt fit. I know I'm using the backplate in the pictures but after many removals and insertion again and again of the stock cooler to try the new one. I'm not taking it back off again until I'm given a solution . I have tried with the backplate off and it doesn't fit even if I get aggressive and try to. I end up scraping parts of my motherboard every time at the holes. Also as you can see when I use the backplate as an example, only the replacement bracket I ordered (as recommended) fits. However that bracket does not fit on the 240 as you can see its not wide enough and the gap is too deep for it to sit on the 240.
  2. I recently purchased the masterliquid 240 with my new build because i was told it was compatible with AM4 out of the box (as stated on coolermasters website) and also had no issue with compatibility on partpicker ( After building my pc and then receiving my cooler i found that this wasnt true im currently very frustrated as customer service never responds to my call and always asks me to leave my name and number. This has been over 3 weeks now. Can i get some damn assistance? its a hassle for me to turn this through newegg especially after having two sources included your own website tell me this works!