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  1. Ok, sounds good. I have a pending ticket now. Thanks for all the speedy replys
  2. The system runs fine and boots fine with the cooler installed, as long as the rgb isn't plugged in. After checking that calculator, load wattage is listed at 477W and recommended is 577W. I think I am going to buy a new power supply and hopefully that will fix the problem
  3. I have included a picture of the included rgb controller and its connection. The controller is in my hand and the power connection near the top. The connectors to my fans and pump are near the mix of cords headed into the case. My specs are as follows: Gigabyte GA-H77M-D3H motherboard Intel Core i5 3570K 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 @665MHz (9-9-9-24) 4GB GeForce GTX 770 500W PSU
  4. I did try it without the controller plugged in and everything went fine (except no rgb) but then when I tried it with it back in it wouldn't get past the motherboard screen. What are you looking for pictures of, my connections/cables?
  5. So, I just received my ml240l in the mail and started the installation. Everything went fine and I booted up with good temperatures. The problem is, however, when I turned it back off and connected the rgb controller so I could light it up (my motherboard doesn't have rgb support). When I went to turn my computer back on, nothing happened. I made sure everything was plugged in correctly (which it was) and tried it again. After unplugging the controller and some system fans it decided to boot. It booted again with the system fans back in. Once I tried it again with the controller in, it got stuck on my motherboard screen and wouldn't continue to windows. If anybody could give some insight as to why this may be happening, or how to fix it that would be very much appreciated.