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  1. I purchased an H500P case. I have connected the fans to 2 different RGB headers, first i had all of my RGB devices connected to a single header, using a series of splitters. Then I attached the H500P front fans and my CPU cooler to an unused RGB header (different header from above). The front fans work thru the fan headers, but the lighting to the RGB header doesnt. Im assuming this should work without any controller if the board has RGB headers correct? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
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    Hi Guys, I am building a custom PC and installing the MA610P. The proc is an Intel LGA 2066 socket i7 w and ASUS ROG Strix x299 motherboard. Going thru the install guide it looks like the back plate isnt needed with this socket type. Is that correct? Im only confirming because after initial install of all parts, the PC doesn't POST. ASUS had me return the board, but want to make sure on the replacement, that the back plate is definately NOT needed. Thanks! Mike