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    same here. I'm already an owner of the case and trying to see other possibilities
  2. Hi All, I'm planning on buying a Mastercase 6 Pro for my new build and I just wanted to know if I can control the colors of the front LED strip and the rear fan that comes with the case using Asus Aura Sync. On the Aura Sync website it mentions that the case do support but I have not seen it anywhere else(including the CM website). My color scheme for the build is black and white so it'll be great if I can know that this is possible or otherwise I'm stuck with either blue or red. Thanks..
  3. My thoughts were the same. I bought the case anyway. The manual only shows a SATA connection going from the LED strip to the PSU. Guess it is false advertising. Now I'm trying to see if I can put the CM Universal LED Strip in there and take out the LED strip. It seems the space is not enough but I have send a message to CM technical support anyway.