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  1. Hellu there , got nearly the same problem . I bought like 10 days ago the cosmos c700p and build the computer yesterday and the power button etc in front of the case are working but the LED system and the fan aint workin. I opened up once the small back plate as we can see upwards and the most eastward component near the + which looks laid down. This one has kind of gum next to it . It looked kinda weird as that component looks like twisted instead of beeing vertical. I tried the rgb header 1 and 2 of my asus maximus X hero and it doesnt change a thing. Am i doing summat wrong ? I unbuild Everything thinking I would have done something wrong but no, same problem after rebuilding. A shame as I bought on purpose that case in order to pair it with my strix system. I m a bit speechless.... ps: i see in reviews on youtube at times this component aint there at times O_O ps2: case has some strange markings inside like it was really very fast manufactured and not really well finished :/(bad quality control cough for 300 Bucks)