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  1. jean1011

    Warranty 2 years instead of 5 in my country

    Ty i will try that, of course SHOULD BE 5 years, and others shops are same 2 years on this.
  2. Hi, im new here, from Romania, sry for my bad EG. The problem i have that all shops here sell this one Sell this product with only 2 years warranty, not 5. I ask some shop and they shortly reply, without reason that has 2 years and that IT. Here is the shop Now, can anyone help me to see the true ? i mean warranty periods differs from country to another or how ? at newegg is 5, at review is 5 years, and on producer site is 5 again. So is legal that the shops say the producer, Cooler Master, offer only 2 years instead of 5 at this power supply MasterWatt 750 Watt Semi-fanless Modular 80 PLUS Bronze or not ? I attached 2 more pics, same shop, is simple the topic - the product i want HAS WRONG NUMBERS near warranty, i get 2 not 5 years by CM by their specs, of course in serial and so on i will truly get 5 here, but i want the shops to respect the law, i dont lose time days to search real warranty on stuff, is normal for you ? not for me. Cause if i didnt i will buy it, and stuck with 2 years on papers, wrong ones. Thanks.