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  1. yea i'm from LYN =) gr2000 there oso
  2. hey guys..been away from CM forums for quite awhile...wanted to see other Desktop Barton OCing accomplishments
  3. ok..guess the TT Pipe 101 wasn't that bad after all..i got it to work..and now diff in temps yet..but i hope to see results after i on my comp for the whole day
  4. bah..since the idiot wont gimme a refund for the Pipe 101, i'll have to exchange it for other items or something..and i saw the CM EL/UV Rounded IDE Cables at this PC Fair..they only sell for RM18!!!! that's about USD4.70 only! >_
  5. aah i dunno...i'm gonna go change it...the K7 clip is terrible...hopefully i get a better one
  6. yea i know...their Pipe 101 was actually the only thing i saw which was good for my use..and they disappoint me..wasted 100 bux..imma go exchange it this friday
  7. *roar* stupid thermal take products..dats the last time i'll buy thermal take products ever again..nearly killed my cpu..90*c man! ; no matter how bad the mounting device is, i dont think it's bad enough till u can lift up 1 side of the heat sink when it's mounted..unless it's a Pipe 101 from THERMALTAKE!!!! *roar*
  8. my temps have dropped lower after i used Arctic Silver 5...but the stupid Pipe 101 ;....that thing...the K7 clip that came with it is RETARDED..after clipping it into the socket, i can still lift up 1 side of the heat sink..and my temps went up to 90* exciting ; gonna go return the whole piece of junk(Pipe 101)...if they dont let me return it, i'll just go buy a k7 clip from some other shop
  9. ooo he got the vantec slot cooler
  10. you could get more info here Praetorian 1 and here Praetorian 2 and yes, the Praetorian is an all aluminium alloy case.
  11. gr2000


    lol...anyway who wants to start a 'Post a Picture of Yourself' topic
  12. gr2000


    not quite, but indirectly it could be chicken a chicken a doggy doggy, or could be something else
  13. gr2000


    now that wouldn't be such a bad idea eh? lol