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  1. I finally got an answer, but they are saying there is no way to open it, which can't be true. So I am guessing these triangle shaped screws below it are the only way to open it. I am trying now to find that type of key opens them, any clue? Thanks.
  2. I see. I thought you might have some idea if I was right or wrong about removing that round gray thing. If the support doesnt reply on a few weeks, I will try it anyway. Thanks!
  3. Sure thing. Sent pm. About opening it, you dont have any idea looking to the pictures?
  4. I sent a ticket, but don't know if they will reply. I want to open it to see if I can fix it myself, but I can't find anywhere how to open this exact model. I found some people opening other versions like 120 or 240v, but not this one and I don't see any screw on top of ir below it that would open it. Here are some pics of the top and below. My best guess is that round gray thing on top of it. It seems removable, but not so easly. Maybe there is a screw under it. Any thoughts?
  5. Hello and thank you for your reply, 1. My cooling is pretty clean 2. Tried that already before posting 3. No water splashing around 4. Tried, no reply so far I am sure its the fan inside of the pump because it shows its not spinning: 0 RPM. Doesnt matter at what connector I plug it on the motherboard. All fan connectors were tested and are working, but when I plug the pump, it doesn't spin, so can only be the pump. Plus, like I said, it was working just fine and suddenly stopped.
  6. Hello, I have a Seidon 240M for about 3 years now and suddenly the CPU fan stopped spinning. Unless you have some suggestion that doesn't need to open if, I would like to know how to open to try to fix myself, but I couldn't find anyone that tried to open this exact model. I don't see any normal screws on the top of it, I only see the many triangle screws below it, around the center of copper and I don't think that's the way to open it. There is one gray round rubber on the top that seems to be removable, but its not so easy and I dont know if thats the way too. By the way, I am sure it's the fan, not the motherboard or connector or any other thing. Any help? Thanks.