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  1. The selection of GEMIN II S524 VER 2 Cooler Master was an easy one for me due to its size that is well fit into the standard 19 inch rack mount case. I bought a HYPER T4 prior to this, but the height was less than 1 cm higher than the case cover. So it was dismissed. However the grief was not over with my custom built pc project when installing the cpu cooler GEMIN II S524 VER 2. There was no room to tighten up the 2 out of the 4 screws onto the motherboard base socket 2066. This is due to the overhead heat sink dome & fan that block a direct access to the screws. There was no side way room to get my hand in even though graphics card and power supply were removed to make room. Still no luck. It took me hours to try to deal with pushing the spring screws bracket to latch onto the motherboard thru a very small space. To no avail, I finally had to remove the fan on top and sneak a small star screwdriver vertically thru the heat sink grill and straight down onto the screw head. Job done after all, but the aluminum grill was bending and enlarging a bit. There was no better alternative. I wish there was a vertical pre-drilled hole on the aluminum grill straight down the screw head. I am sure a small screw driver or hex can get these screws tighten up quickly and securely. Luckily, the vertical line to the screws had no obstruction i.e. the copper pipe or any other things. The design was good overall but lack of consideration for installation. The provided hex socket extension is of no help. If this installation is done on a plain motherboard flat on a table without any surrounding case, power supply, ram, etc... yes, it might seem easier. The reality is different, MOB must be securely placed onto the case first, in my opinion, prior to any other peripherals such as ram, fans, cables etc.... or cpu cooler (lastly !!!) I certainly hope this would a be helpful tip for anyone who try to get this job done. I also hope Cooler Master would review this problem. MOB: Asus ROG Strik X299 CPU: 7820x RAM: 64gb This is a custom video switching system 10 HD-SDI input/output pc-based system on a heavy duty rackmount case with potentially lot of traveling on the road in mind.