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  1. H500P Mesh Gunmetal Grey Release Date

  2. H500P Mesh Gunmetal Grey Release Date

    If you meant get in touch with Cooler Master Customer Service, then I can do that. And if you 'are' from CM, please send me their customer service phone number & it pertains to my original question. I am ready to build my next Gaming PC, but, the case is holding me up. An "official" update would be great!!!
  3. H500P Mesh Gunmetal Grey Release Date

    So...I'm sure many have asked, but if your like me and are awaiting the release date to start that next build, then this is something that needs to be addressed. [1]."When will the new case be readily available for sale"? I heard Dimitri say March of 2018, but so far have NOT found a definitive answer. So, in the event it is a long ways away, [2]. if I buy the original H500P case, will Cooler Master have the "front & top mesh" covers available to purchase separately as a replacement for the cheaper front & top cover?