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  1. After realising that is was an AM4 setup i needed (which from the instructions provided was not obvious to me) i used the stock back plate rather than the metal provided multi back plate, along side the stock plastic mounts and the hand screwed metal brackets to clip into the mounts. I think having all the options and no real knowledge of different setup types other than standard AMD and Intel was where i went wrong so for anyone in my position it may be beneficial to look into AM4 - FM1 setup before trying to instal. thanks again
  2. All working now, i didn't realise there were different type of AMD instructions so i was following AM3 etc instructions. Basically i am a noob thankyou for the help
  3. I tried following the manual for both AMD and Intel, i will try again and see if i have better luck this time... is the metal back plate, coloured green (shown in my images), still required for the installation?
  4. Hi, these were the best images i could get without destroying my PC... i tried to show the main problem with the green metal piece matching none of the corner holes (which the amd stock cooler back panel fits through). cheers
  5. First time PC builder, i tried installing my master liquid lite 120 into my ASrock AB350M pro4 mother board but no matter what combination of set ups i used, the main metal backing panel would not line up with the motherboard holes, am i missing something or do i need an adaption pack? I also spoke to PC Part Picker who i used to find compatible builds who replied that both parts do fit correctly so i'm unsure on what to do.