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  1. all i want to do is order the am4 bracket for the cooler master air maker 8. i have chatted with a live representative about 8 times first time the guy claimed if u order the product from newegg or amazon the am4 bracket would be included, which i knew was false. so i spoke to supposedly to THE EXACT SAME REPRESENTATIVE under alias “Adrian” and he then proceeded to tell me it WOULD NOT come with the bracket. i then spoke to representatives again that could never just send me a damn link to buy the bracket. its as if they have no idea how to. u can forget calling cooler master bc u know damn well they dont answer their phone. service is horrible. id love a DETAILED EMAIL with a DIRECT LINK to buy the am4 bracket for my COOLER MASTER AIR MAKER 8 CPU FAN. It is literall listed NO WHERE on ur website. Thanks for alot of wasted time for a 2 dollar part u couldnt just ship out to begin with and god awful customer service email: ejk19877@gmail.com