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  1. MasterCase Maker 5t - Modders Inc Review

    The front case cover is nice, but they should have put screened openings on each side for better airflow. This can easily be updated with a new front cover design. I may design it myself.
  2. Fan Controller

    Its almost useless, if you ask me, how could they give you a disconnected fan controller in a time where PWM headers are everywhere? At least include a controller that connects to a USB port and has some software control for god sake. My motherboard has monitoring hardware that adjusts fans based on anything I want it to adjust for. This removes that from the loop. What are you smoking cooler maser.. I removed it and used my motherboard like anyone with half a brain. Its almost insulting.
  3. Need upgraded I/O Panel

    You can get a 3.1 gen 2 to 3.0 cable, this will give you 2 3.1 usb ports on one side and 3.0 using the 3.0 header on the mb on the other.. look on Amazon for 3.1gen2 to 3.0.
  4. MasterCase Maker 5t Owners Club

    They do give you that hardware for 3 front 140mm case fans?