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  1. markenpuff

    My Maker 5t is too hot, literally

    I hear you, They need to give us a mesh option for the front. I don't understand Cooler Master at all, they pick form over function all the time... And that's not cool.. The pun intended. I replaced the fans that came with that case, because they are kind of terrible. Installed 3 140mm pressure RGB fans and also added a exhaust fan at the top-rear of the case to keep positive pressure. A total of 5 fans. 3 in, 2 out. With a air cooling setup, seems to work. If you use the controller they give you, you can't tune it correctly, just use the MB headers or get a real fan controller not a fisher price model.. You could try removing the CD/DVD caddy and move both fans up, that should help. The case comes with a bracket for that purpose. You PSU and HD's should be fine.
  2. markenpuff

    MasterCase Maker 5t - Modders Inc Review

    The front case cover is nice, but they should have put screened openings on each side for better airflow. This can easily be updated with a new front cover design. I may design it myself.
  3. markenpuff

    Fan Controller

    Its almost useless, if you ask me, how could they give you a disconnected fan controller in a time where PWM headers are everywhere? At least include a controller that connects to a USB port and has some software control for god sake. My motherboard has monitoring hardware that adjusts fans based on anything I want it to adjust for. This removes that from the loop. What are you smoking cooler maser.. I removed it and used my motherboard like anyone with half a brain. Its almost insulting.
  4. markenpuff

    Need upgraded I/O Panel

    You can get a 3.1 gen 2 to 3.0 cable, this will give you 2 3.1 usb ports on one side and 3.0 using the 3.0 header on the mb on the other.. look on Amazon for 3.1gen2 to 3.0.