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  1. Hi community; I bought my coolermaster H500P case about 1 month. It comes with 2x200mm fans rgb in front and 1 140mm fans at back withou rgb, then I bought more 3x140mm fans ( masterfan pro 140mm air flow rgb ) to put on the top. - Something I notice is the fans make a lot of noise, mainly the 2 that are close to the front painel, I want to know is it happened to someone here ? - I bought too 2 split cables 3-1 coolermaster to connect the 2 fans intake to cha_fan 1 and the 4 fans outtake to cha_fan 2 to connect the aura sync from the motherboard with all the fans, to controll speed and the rgb lighting, but sudently the AI SUIT III stoped to recognize my outtake fans, but only recognize the cpu fan (noctua NH-D15) and the 2 fans intake, have already happened to someone here ? Here I leave a link from wetransfer to show the noise my fans make : thanks guys from the answers