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  1. Tekmicro

    Another slow RMA

    I had an issue a few months ago with some G650M took 4 months for me to receive replacement. Now i have another slow RMA it's almost been 2 months and still no new about my current RMA for an Elite 550 V2.... it's getting annoying to have to post on a forum to have any answer from CM.
  2. Tekmicro

    Another slow RMA

    these waiting times are unnacptable can i get a replacement unit already ? customer's been waiting for his machine for 3 months now.
  3. Tekmicro

    Another slow RMA

    2 weeks later, no updates...
  4. So, I started 2 separate RMAs sent both on november 22nd 2017. I still have 0 news about, no wherabouts tried calling every week, no one answers no one calls back very dissatisfied awful customer support. AVOID at all cost.
  5. Tekmicro

    Extremely slow RMA 3 months+ (Solved )

    I am still waiting for these 2 units waiting time is UNACCEPTABLE. terrible customer support.... 4 months for 2 power supplies, without ANY contact from coolermaster besides Mohd Noh on the forums. Seriously I can understand that they were backorder for a few weeks but not a single G650M got out of the factory in 4 months ??