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  1. I can't believe i just received this RMA, took only 8 months to fufill wow....
  2. so another month and nothing ?
  3. so another 2 weeks and nothing ?
  4. Come on, i opened this thread 4 months ago... can i finally get an answer ?
  5. indeed, still no news about this issue
  6. So 3 months after i opened the thread they still didn't answer ? This RMA has been ongoing for almost 5 months at this point, what's even going on ????
  7. No still no news about them, left them numerous message over phone they never call back, left a few message here nothing. I guess Mohd Noh left his job because i havent heard from him either.
  8. More time has passed still no news, CM doesn't care
  9. another month has passed without any feedback. I'm never buying coolermaster's power supplies anymore. No support, no feedback... HONOR YOUR WARANTIES or stop selling anything at all. NEVER BUY FROM COOLERMASTER.
  10. these waiting times are unnacptable can i get a replacement unit already ? customer's been waiting for his machine for 3 months now.
  11. 2 weeks later, no updates...
  12. I had an issue a few months ago with some G650M took 4 months for me to receive replacement. Now i have another slow RMA it's almost been 2 months and still no new about my current RMA for an Elite 550 V2.... it's getting annoying to have to post on a forum to have any answer from CM.
  13. I am still waiting for these 2 units waiting time is UNACCEPTABLE. terrible customer support.... 4 months for 2 power supplies, without ANY contact from coolermaster besides Mohd Noh on the forums. Seriously I can understand that they were backorder for a few weeks but not a single G650M got out of the factory in 4 months ??
  14. So, I started 2 separate RMAs sent both on november 22nd 2017. I still have 0 news about, no wherabouts tried calling every week, no one answers no one calls back very dissatisfied awful customer support. AVOID at all cost.